Health & Welfare Plans:

Washington Teamsters Welfare Trust (WaTWT)

Telephone: (206) 726-3277
Toll Free: (800) 458-3053

United Employee Benefit Trust (UEBT)

Telephone: (253) 474-1214
Toll Free: (800) 223-2449

Western Teamsters Welfare Trust (WTWT)

Telephone: (206) 726-3235
Toll Free: (800) 872-5439

Inland Empire Teamster Trust

Telephone: (509) 534-0600
Toll Free: (800) 872-8979

Sound Health & Wellness Trust

Telephone: (206) 282-4500
Toll Free: (800) 225-7620

Retiree’s Welfare Trust (RWT)

Telephone: (206) 726-3269
Toll Free: (800) 692-5179

Union Center Pharmacy (Mail Order Prescriptions)

Toll Free: (800) 441-9174

Life Insurance Benefits:

Local 760 provides Life Insurance Benefits to all members who are in good standing and current on their dues. The amount of the benefit is $5000 for a Life Benefit. The benefits are provided through the Teamsters Life With Dues Plan. Members should make sure their beneficiary information is kept up to date with the Local Union.

If you wish to continue this life insurance policy when you are laid off, you can do so by self-paying your monthly dues for the months you are laid off.

Retirement Plans:

Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Trust (WCTPT)

Telephone: (206) 726-3266
Toll Free: (800) 531-1489

Pacific Coast Benefits Trust (PCBT)

Telephone: (206) 726-3266

UPS 401(k) Plan

Other Benefits