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D.R.I.V.E. (Democrat Republican Independent Voter Education)

This is to advise you of the changes to RCW 42.17.680. The Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) on April 28, 2003, issued final regulations on
implementing amendments to the voluntary payroll deductions annual authorizations. The new ruling allows for a one-time authorization. However, now the employee/member is to be notified annually of their right to revoke their authorization.

To read the complete notice, click here to download the PDF.

Financial Core/Objector Notice

Employees represented by a Union for the purpose of collective bargaining and related activities are not required by law to become members of the Union. Employees may, however, be required, under valid Union security clause, to pay an amount equivalent to Union initiation fees and dues. Alternately, employees may elect to pay their proportional share of the costs of operating the Union, if the employees are covered by a valid Union security, agency shop, or maintenance of membership contract.

To read the complete 2010 notice, click here to download the PDF.